February 6, 2021

Pre – Workout Meal

What to Eat Pre-Workout usually depends upon a person’s goals.

For example food rich in protein can help a person to build muscle with resistance training.

While choosing a pre-workout meal, we must aim for a balance of macronutrients.

Which are 1- Carbohydrates 2-Protein 3-Fats

These three are lay sources of energy but contribute differently to a pre-workout meal.

Why is Protein a good source for pre-workout?

It can help in the recovery of muscle that is damaged during resistance training /workout. So basically protein reduces deterioration, synthesize muscle protein and stimulate growth.

Why is Carbohydrate for pre-workout?

The right amount of carbohydrates will ensure the body has enough energy to perform during a workout.

There are two types of carbohydrates

1) Simple Cho.

2) complex Cho.

1) Simple Cho- These are short-term sources of energy, this type of food has very little or no nutritive value.

2) Complex Cho- These provide energy more consistently over an extended period. These are usually rich in fiber and other nutrients.

Why is Fat for pre-workout?

Fat takes time to breakdown and absorb before the workout begins. So it is better to focus more on protein and carbohydrates for pre-workout rather than fats. However, it is important to incorporate good sources of fats elsewhere in a balanced diet.

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