June 10, 2022


No! There is no such thing as a perfect meal plan, which will work for everyone. We have often come across plans which are marketed as perfect and would be beneficial to everyone. The magical plan would help you achieves your goals in a couple of months. However, there is no such thing as a perfect diet plan, each individual is different. We know it is impractical to believe in one-size-fit-for-all; in the same way, one diet cannot be beneficial for everyone. Each individual is different, our body responds differently to food. Our response to food is highly individualized. Everyone has different nutrient bioavailability and metabolism. Person A can easily absorb 80% of nutrients from food, whereas Person B would only absorb 50% of the nutrients. Nutrients absorbed by the body depend upon many factors, such as gut microbes, sleep, stress, exercise, lifestyle, and many more. Each person’s body reacts differently to the changes and challenges of day-to-day life, which plays an important part in how the body is reacting and adapting to that stress.

One cannot find a perfect meal plan, one food group might do wonders for person A, and the same food group will be a disaster for Person B. In nutshell, when it comes to tailoring a meal plan it is all based on trial and error, we must keep customizing it till we get the best out of all. Patience and consistency are the keys, to achieving the best suitable deal for you. So instead of finding the perfect plan, start building a healthy and sustainable plan for yourself.

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