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Hey, I’m Maytri Shah! A Certified Weight Management and Clinical Nutritionist. I am a health enthusiast who believes in lifestyle modification, definitely not in quick fixes. After my constant efforts and never giving up attitude helped me find my happy spot that is understanding food and nutrition.

Through my journey I learned my mission is to empower each one of you towards healthy sustainable lifestyle, where I can understand your individual goals and I can help, motivate you to achieve your goals with my knowledge and tools to live a happy and healthy life.

I would love to help you start your fitness journey with the right mindset. Your journey should be all about nourishing your soul, body, mind and creating a healthy and better lifestyle, minimizing stress level, and most importantly learning to love yourself and your journey. I strongly believe that there is no end to the fitness and health journey.

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My journey towards health and fitness started in 2019. I was a baker and an artist who was living her best life with no worry about her health and fitness. My family and my loved ones were very worried about my health because of my weight. Back then I was obese who could hardly walk 1 KM. My brother was very anxious about my gaining weight, unhealthy eating habits, and sedentary lifestyle. He forced me to follow a diet plan and enrolled me in the gym. Due to his efforts and motivation, I followed my diet and had proper training in the gym. When he forced me to join the gym I had no goals, had no motivation, I was doing diet and training just for his satisfaction. So after one month, I checked my BIA report and body measurement I was shocked to see such a positive and fruitful result, my constant effort for diet and training had finally paid well. This was a huge achievement for me slowly my journey towards my health and fitness became my survival.


One meal without properly calculated macros would arrange me. I had developed an unhealthy relationship with food, everything I eat was just calories for me, always tracking my macros, avoiding food which would effect by diet and macros, believing in all myth about “healthy and unhealthy foods”, this was the most difficult phase for me, I overcame this through constant mentoring of my brother and my family.


When I was dealing with my eating habits, I came to realize there are many others out there who might be going through the same unhealthy  Relationship with food always having doubts or regretting their meal or food choices. So I decided I would love to help others overcome their fear towards food and help them improve their relationship with food. This led me towards my journey of becoming a nutritionist. Throughout my course, I became more aware of food and its importance towards living a happy, healthy, and fit life.

Throughout the journey of my transformation and becoming a nutritionist is that “consistency” is the most important in whatever you do in life. Consistency not only in health and fitness but also for other aspects of life as well. Consistency shows your effort and dedication towards your goal. One thing that I’m proud of myself throughout my transformation is my dedication and consistency towards my goals. People always thought and still thinks I am obsessed with my lifestyle, and I am ok with them to think that I am obsessed, because I am who I am today is because of my constant hard work, not giving up attitude and power to brush aside those thoughts on me.

” Health is not a trend or a season that you follow for a period of time, nonetheless it is a lifestyle with no finish line, I strongly believe that one must make their health a priority and work towards creating a healthy and active life. “

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