June 2, 2022


Thinking of trying a new diet? Tired of losing weight, and gaining it back again? We all have come across different diet trends. Keto, intermediate, paleo, raw food, low-fat, low-carb, and many more. We hear our friends and family talking about the diet they are following or the diet they have heard has done wonders. So you get motivated and starts following the trend, but soon you are demotivated, and start getting anxious, agitated, and annoyed. Because of the new plan, you are not able to socialize with your loved ones, and you start to skip events and parties, to keep up with your diet plan, which makes you even more stressed.

Now after all the efforts, you have finally achieved your target, now you start to socialize again,
you are no more restricting yourself, but you start noticing that you are slowly putting the lost weight back again. Have you ever wondered why this happens? The answer is simple when you start following FAD diets, you get yourself under hyper calorie deficit, your metabolism gets affected, and when you get back to your normal routine you gain weight.

So instead of going on any diet, first ask yourself!

  • Why do I want to start the diet? What is my goal?
  • Will the diet plan be beneficial to me?
  • Will I be able to sustain it for long period?
  • Will I be able to follow the plan on weekends, and holidays too? 
  • Do I have to restrict certain food groups?
  • Will I be able to enjoy the plan?

If you are planning to diet because your friend is doing it, or that diet is in trend, then think twice do you sincerely need to restrict food? Instead, start focusing on nourishing your body with different varieties of nutrient-dense food. And on analyzing your answers, if you find that you won’t be able to sustain the plan for a long period, then definitely the diet is not for you. Instead of restricting food, start balancing your diet with different food groups, include your favorite meal, and follow a plan which you will enjoy.

Instead of restriction, find balance, start practicing mindful eating, and nourishing your body, the goal is not to lose weight fastest, but to stay consistent, improve overall health, build immunity, improve physical activeness, and cognitive health, and create a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this one must be consistent; consistency is the key to healthy and happier living.To be honest, if your answers to these questions are making you second guess, then I promise you, it is not worth the effort.

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