February 6, 2021

Actual meaning of Diet or What is Diet ?

Diet word origin comes from the greekdiaita. Which means a way of living.

A way of living includes food diet and other daily habits.

But today we refer to diet as food and drink that we habitually consume.

People usually think diet means restriction of a favorite food or of losing weight just eating salads and detox drinks. Well, let me tell you that is not true. Diet means a way of healthy and nutritive eating according to a person’s health and daily requirement. Diet does not require you to restrict your favorite food, but to include them in a well-balanced manner in a proper quantitative way. Along with that to have a proper healthy and active lifestyle.

So to live a healthy lifestyle have a balance of proper food and active lifestyles.

Being patient and kind to yourself. Don’t just drop your favorite food with fear of food. Rules what to eat and what not to, when you restrict food you tend to binge eat on them takes, so be kind on yourself and enjoy your favorite food in moderation.

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