February 11, 2021

What to eat before Tranning ?

Everybody is different, so a meal plan differs from person to person, so let me give you a basic idea of how to plan a pre-workout meal. The two most important things before planning a pre-workout meal are:

1) Enough energy and nutrients.
2.) Timing of the meal.

1.) Enough energy and nutrients:
The first and most important step before training is to eat enough energy and nutrients to support the body’s energy and nutrient requirements. For that, we must fuel the body with a high carbohydrate meal, approx 90 minutes before physical activity improves performance during training. Include some protein in your meal, proteins that are made of amino acids the building block of muscle will help your muscles recover from workout stress.

2.) Timing of meal:
Timing is important to make sure the body has enough energy throughout a training session.
– if you’re planning to eat 3-4 hours before training, try eating a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fats (eg: a hummus sandwich)- if you’re planning to eat 2-3 hours before training have a bowl of oatmeal made out of skimmed milk with nuts and banana.-If you’re eating 30-60 minutes before training have low-fat yogurt and fruits since it is easy to convert simple carbs into energy faster than fiber-rich food. Plan a well-balanced meal that will help you sustain enough energy throughout a training session.

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